About People

Every person has dignity and worth.

Every person has a right to satisfy their basic needs or get help in satisfying them.*

Every person has skills and abilities that merit development.

Every person has the ability to grow and change.

Every person behaves the way they do in order to regulate their neurological arousal or to express a need.

About Neurodivergence

Neurodivergence isn’t a curse, nor is it a superpower. It has benefits and drawbacks just like any trait.

Neurodivergence can be biological-developmental (like Autism and ADHD) or acquired (through injury).

Neurodivergence which is biological-developmental is a normal expression of human variation.

Neurodivergence diagnoses can be extremely expensive or difficult to access for a variety of reasons, with varying levels of cost vs. benefit, so self-identification is valid.

Neurodivergence may constitute a disability because the structures of our world were designed for neurotypicality.


I believe everyone should have access to high-quality life coaching, so I set aside a number of reduced-fee client slots every month. If I’m not able to accommodate all current requests in a given month, I can generally accommodate them within 60 days. So if my typical fee poses a hardship to you, please reach out.